Who Are Us?

Info Age Sistemas was founded on 1999 March 26 and since then has been developing solutions for its customers and partners in several areas in the market. From partnerships made ​​during this period, the Info Age Sistemas develops products to third parties and works on their own solutions, which aim to cater to the market in a way general and also to their customers.


Since its founding, the Info Age Sistemas constantly seeks innovation, working with new technologies and always updating with respect to the latest market trends.


Strive for excellence in development and service is our primary mission as a company that develops technology solutions. And that mission is met so full, we know the business of our clients and understand the workings of them routine so that we can serve them efficiently and where possible, exceed their expectations.

We try to understand the need and the business of our client or partner, to meet as closely their expectations.

André Gusmao - CEO